Combined efforts can move mountains!

One of the last remaining hotels from the high season of Rigi tourism in the 19th century, is the Hotel Klösterli – Zum Goldenen Hirschen (The Golden Stag).
The initial impulse of a circle of friends was to preserve the big house in its original character - to renovate it step by step and to establish a mountain restaurant and seminar hotel open to the world.
Now, after five years of intense learning and working, we can say something surprising has evolved. With the help of uncountable friends, many rooms have been renovated and necessary repairs have been made. The house has gained a lot of comfort and atmosphere.
Seminars take place all year round. A schedule of events invites people to meaningful works for the wellbeing of the earth and all living beings.

At the same time there are huge tasks waiting for creative solutions. The house whose foundations were laid 200 years ago, is in urgent need of restoration; the statics??? have to be secured, the roof needs to be replaced and in most areas the insulation is insufficient. All this is way beyond the means raised by the circle of friends so far.

On the one hand, financial support is needed, but on the other hand new ideas are welcome in order to make up-to-date and meaningful steps for the preservation and  improvement of a house with a long-standing tradition.

The charitable trust ‘Friends of the Rigi’, is the right vehicle for people who want to support this project, by making financial contributions and donations. Equally welcome are volunteers to help with events and the maintenance and presentation of the house and its surroundings.

It is possible to
become a certified member of the trust by paying 60 CHF per year and receiving regular updates of all activities that take place in the Golden Stag.
to willingly help with preserving and improving of the seminar house on the Rigi


All friends of the Hotel Klösterli – Zum Goldenen Hirschen (The Golden Stag) are welcome: guests, friends, seminar participants, employees, helpers, organizations and sponsors, etc.

Members can be individuals or legal entities that support the aims and purposes of the trust.

Yearly membership fee is
Children up to 18 years:     10 CHF/    8 €
Adults:                              60 CHF/  45 €
Legal entities/sponsors:     200 CHF/150 €

All members will be invited to the Annual General Meeting and can be active through their voting rights.

Subscription and information:

Anmeldung und Auskunft
Hotel Klösterli - Zum Goldenen Hirschen,
CH 6410 Rigi Klösterli
Tel. (0041) 041 855 05 45/ Fax (0041)041 855 02 37
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